Для ACER 5742 5742G 5741 5741G материнская плата для ноутбука GPU GT540M HM55 ? 100% рабочий тест, Бесплатный ЦП

dual core p6100

buenas noches, esta placa tmb soporta el procesador intel dual core p6100 de 2.0ghz cn video intel hd.


yes it is compatibel but why its not listed here


Because its terrible

Stupid question

Any real advantage going from an i5 2.53GHz to an i7 2.53GHz? Or maybe an i7 2.8GHz?

Plz In need Help

I have a Toshiba l650-107 and it has a intel p6000 1.86ghz with ATI RADEON HD 5145 with 512mb hypermemory it has 4gbs ram
i want to upgrade the cpu but idk with ones are compatible is it posible if the same family toshibas l650s that have i5s and i3 i can put in my dualcore a i5 .plz help

that doesnt help you dont need better than that you have a great cpu.

Intel core i3?

Support Intel Core i3-380M and 370M ? Thanks.

Upgrade advice please

Currently I’m using i5 430m, can i upgrade to any of this processor ? because this cpu use G1 socket and HM55 chipset.


can i upgrade fromp6100 to any of these processors i have gateway NV59C

Upgrading core I5 430M to core I7 820QM

I bought an acer 8943G notebook with HM55 intel chipset, but my
laptop don’t boot with an I7 820QM cpu. WHY.

the chipset supports it but your bios may not you should try updating your bios to latest version before installing the new chip

i have some problem but my laptop is an Acer 5745g with i5 — 430m and Nvidia GT330m i try to install a i7-820QM and don�t boot, i have the lastest BIOS(Version 1.19 — Date: 2011/04/22) from acer site, thanks.

i3-370M, i3-380M

Both of this processors are supported by this chipset.

Intel HM55 upgrade cpu from intel pentium B940 to i3 i5 ?

upgrade cpu from intel pentium B940 to i3 i5 ?

Increase RAM DDR3

Hi Everyone,
I have an Intel� Core� i3-350M Processor (3M Cache, 2.26 GHz) with a Mobile Intel� HM55 Express Chipset
(Intel� BD82HM55 PCH) on board. I actually have 2GB DDR3 1066MHz on one slot. i have two slots in all
I want to upgrade it to 8GB ..is it possible to replace it with tow 4GB DDR3 1066MHz?
I am actually using windows 7 (64-bit)
I read somewhere that the chipset limits the maximum amount of RAM . will i be able to upgrade it to 8GB?

Yes, you can. I got the machine with the same spec and recently upgraded to 8GB

mem upgrade to 8gb

It’s possible! 2x4GB DDR3 So-Dimm 1066 PC3-8500, 204 pin
I am using Samsung M471B5273BH1-CF8.
My PC Akoya P6622 from german ALDI-market.
More than 8GB not possible with i3/i5 cpu!

help me plis

I have an acer aspire 5742ZG with this chipset (intel MH55) with an intel processor P6200, I want know if I can put a intel i3 or i5 which come in this table, someone would know if you can put?

upgrade fromp6200 on acer 5742z

I have a 5742z. I pulled my p6200 and put an i5- 480m and it works just fine.


5742ZG Should take the mid i3-i7’s

Aspire 5742Z

Today i get the i7 720QM CPU If is work i tell you 🙂

i7 720QM

U didn’t comment about your UPGRADE :\

toshiba m645-sp4130l

hi, wich one is the best processor for my laptop.

Notebook Asus K72Jr-TY115

My notebook have this motherboard.

It is possible to use 2x4GB RAM 1333 or 1600MHz ?
Will work better ? or will slow down to 1066 ?

L655 toshiba

This motherboard HM55 intel os on toshiba L655-S5069. What is The Best professor to upgrade?

i5 480m to i7 940xm?

hello i have an asus u36jc with a nvidia 310m and i5 480m.
can i upgrade it to i7 940xm?

i5 480m to i7 940xm?

is that possible?

can i upgrade my cpu?

i have an Asus A52JT laptop
2Gb DDR3 ram 1066MHz
intel i3-350M 2.26 ghz
500gb hdd
intel hm55 express chipset
amd radeon hd 6370M 1gb ddr3 vram

Asus k52jc

Hi, i have an asus k52jc with an i3 and an intel hm55 chipset, i want to know if i can upgrade de cpu. Thanks

Lenovo G560 CPU Upgrade

want to upgrade from Pentium P6100 to core i5 580m will it support on HM55 Chipset?

Yes, it works, I changed in a sony vaio.

What about upgrading from P6100 to i7 640m? I have Acer aspire 7741z

cpu change

my laptop is acer aspire 5742Z with a P6100 processor, can i upgrade it with a compatible i3 or i5 processor?

Acer CPU Upgrade

You should be able to upgrade. I upgraded an Aspire 5733Z (Same family of laptops) from a P6200 to an i5 560M. You can upgrade up to an i5 580M provided it is a 1st Generation socket. Mine works flawlessly now, but there are few things to note about this undertaking as well as characteristics of this laptop design. #1 These notebooks have «piss poor» cooling characteristics. They should ALWAYS be used with an external cooler if you’re doing more than checking your email. IF your laptop has been hot too many times, you will have problems with thermal shutdown, particularly with a more powerful CPU. (More about that later) #2 the PROPER application thermal paste is CRITICAL! Too much or too little will result in an endless cycle of «On and Off». It took me 3 times to get it right and the third time I thought I had failed, but after the machine had set overnight it booted right up. Been running great since!! Use a high quality paste such as Arctic Silver. Apply it in a thin even coat, or use drops big enough to cover the square chips when they are compressed. once you press the heatsink to the CPU, do not let them separate or you’ll get air pockets. I also pressed the CPU and heatsink together after the screws were started by hand from the reinforced back side of the mainboard to work the air out. then I snugged the screws down the rest of the way. Overtightening the screws will NOT help make better contact. The tension is set by the springs on the screws. Overtightening can do a lot of damage but NO good. #3 The turbo Boost monitor (Download from Applications on the Acer Website) will NOT recognize the upgrade until you reset the BIOS (be sure you have already upgrade to the newest BIOS from the Acer site BEFORE you begin). To remedy this, you need to «Load Setup Defaults» in the BIOS after the upgrade. Then you can watch your little Turbo Meter take off! #4 You need to download and install the latest Graphics Drivers from the Acer Website. The i5 has better built in graphics than the Pentium. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! #5 VERY IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD THE SERVICE MANUAL FOR THIS MODEL! STUDY IT AND USE IT! DON’T BE A CHIMP WITH A ROCK AND A SCREWDRIVER! Google this: «manualslib service manual Acer Aspire 5742» I tried to post the direct link but the forum prohibits it.
Good Luck! And don’t forget to order an i5 sticker from ebay to put on your lappy once its finished and doing well!

HP G72 laptop motherboard (MPN 615849-001 green)

I bought this otherboard and am stuck not knowing which Intel CPU’s I can use to run this laptop motherboard again?

CT: PBLTAB87RZJGZD 02010PG00-600-G
Socket: Foxconn rPGA-989
Form factor: ATX
Bios: InsydeH2O 2010 AQ24 4967
Memory type: DDR3 ?Hz

Much appreciate somebodies help. Thanks.

compatibility HM55

hello i have a vaio vpceb3a4e with an i3 m370 and HM55 chipset and i wonder if i can upgrade to i5 450M 🙂

I have Acer Aspire 7741z-4633. HM 55 Chipset, P6100 CPU, 4 GB Ram. Can I upgrade to i7 640m and 8 gb ram?



core i7 720QM put in toshiba L650

good afternoon
You can put a core i7 laptop in a toshiba L650 which has core i5 ?
is I have a core i5 450M with and works well , to put the i7 720QM league will not have to do something or not simply gives ?
Thank U

vaio vpceb1z1 e/b cpu??

My vaio has the core i5 430m. Can i upgrade to core i5 580m or core i7 640m with the same watts??

i5 430M Socket rPG989

as in some HP DV7 entertainment Pavillion notebooks; FOUND in different models powered by an Intel cpu .

acer 5742zg — p6100 to i5 or i7

Hi, i have acer 5742zg with p6100, 4gb ddr3, gt420m on board.
I would like to know, if i could upgrade cpu to i7-620 ?
Or the maximum is i5-560 ?
And will the cooling system work properly with better cpu (i think it should, because of same 35W TDP)?
Thanks 🙂

Upgrade to i7 2670QM

Is it possible to have this professor in this motherboard?

This chipset supports the i3-350M

I have a laptop and it has the HM55 and it has the 350M, so please add it.

Actualizar Procesador

Hola Tengo un Asus G51jx con el siguiente procesador i7-720QM
y quisiera actualizar a i7-940XM
sera compatible?

cuanto te cuesta ese i7-940XM

i have lonovo g560 core i3 350M clocked at 2.4Ghz and i want to upgrade it with an i5 processor ,is. it possible if possible which one is recommandable

compaq presario cq42 357tu

my laptop currently is using a pentium p6200 and im looking to upgrade to an i7 640m, anyone knows if they are compatible?

yes, they are compatible

Acer Aspire 5733 (i3-380M) to i7-820QM

Without any verbiage, here is the CPUID report

Can I upgrade to i7-820QM ?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think sockets are the same (same family). Any other possible incompatibilities?

Intel HM55 Express supports this CPU, but not the laptop itself

You can’t upgrade a laptop with integrated graphics to any Clarksfield processors, since these CPUs don’t have integrated graphics.

Для ACER 5742 5742G 5741 5741G материнская плата для ноутбука GPU GT540M HM55 ? 100% рабочий тест, Бесплатный ЦП

Добрый день, подскажите пожалуйста. Хочу заменить оперативку

Память DDR3
Объём 3072 Mb
Частота DRAM 532.1 МГц
Всего гнёзд 2, свободных нет.

Думаю установить 2 такие "штуковины" -модуль памяти для ноутбука SO-DIMM DDR3, 4ГБ, PC3-12800, 1600МГц, Samsung Original
Возможен ли такой вариант- смущает разность тактовой частоты. Есть ли предел этой самой частоты? Как узнать?
И сразу второй вопрос, что ещё можно в данном ноуте заменить

Intel Core I3 380M
Кодовое имя Arrandale
Конструктив Socket 989 rPGA

Видеокарта GeForce GT520M

Видите ли в чем дело, София21.
Апгрейдить ноут не так то просто. Дело в том, что за исключением отдельных случаев, производитель делает его сбалансированным и на верхнем пределе возможностей.

Конкретно по Вашему буку:
Апгрейду могут подлежать только 3 компанета: процессор, ОЗУ, винчестер.
В случае апгрейда процессора, возникнут сложности с системой его охлаждения, т.к. она не рассчитана на бОльшее тепловыделение.
С апгрейдом ОЗУ (то, что Вы хотите сделать) тоже не всё так просто. Север не поддерживает работу памяти на частотах выше 1066MHz.и суммарным объемом больше 8Gb.
Ограничений нет только на апгрейд винчестера.

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